Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Smile for me please!

Today, I'm in a mood where looking at sulks, pouts, smoldering eyes and vacuous faces is just not my cup of tea (I admit, sometimes it is). So I'm posting Lindsey Wixson in POP magazine by Paul Graham. You may remember Lindsey Wixson from the somewhat controversial Miu Miu campaign, where she was FIFTEEN (was it even controversial or is that just my assumption?). It's already weird enough feeling diminished by a 16 year old, and yes I'm talking about Dakota Fanning's withering stare. Lindsey Wixson is a beautiful girl, but I do feel kind of uncomfortable watching her on runways dressed MY age or you know, seeing her in her underwear in campaigns. Anyway, we're not going to get into this whole thing because then we have to talk about all the models, and women, and is fashion just an overt/covert industry of sex? and then it would probably lead to a weight thing and that's wasn't the reason for this post. So here's Lindsey looking a little more age appropriate, but more importantly, smiling.

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