Friday, March 5, 2010

The Art of Being Kirsten

Here's Kirsten Dunst photographed by Mario Testino for V Magzine looking old Hollywood stunning and glamorous, which is SO refreshing to me right now. Am I in the mood to be refreshed these past couple days? First smiles now this? Maybe. Looking through editorials this week, I wasn't feeling too inspired. Everything currently seems the same to me...military theme taken to absurdity, beautiful shiny models against a gritty backdrop or just like really STARK minimalist editorials of models half-wearing something that might be construed that a skirt? And then some of them just seemed so you're so pretty and what appears to be a fancy crack den? Maybe I just need to be reinvigorated by something more colourful. I like to look at images and FEEL something.

Oh Kiki. Look at her SMILE. I love the close-ups on the face, the power of her eyes.

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