Sunday, March 28, 2010

Over the top

I just got back from the lowest place on earth, 422 metres below sea level and supersaline, Yam Ha-melah i.e. the Dead Sea. Of course it rained all of yesterday and I never actually made it INTO the lake because it was cold (rationalization: I've been in it before) and why subject yourself to that when the hotel spa reproduces the salt water floating experience at 37 degrees celcius?

Well I'm back and it's time to post. I love this picture. This is Natasha Poly in Muse accessorized to excess, which is something I always advocate. It reminds me of hovering over my mother's jewelry boxes and trying on everything at once. Shouldn't we still be allowed to have fun and play dress-up? I kind of want to wear this to the airport and see how frustrated people get when I get to the metal detectors. "Oh, silly me, let me just remove my bracelets," followed by a slow and steady CLINK...CLINK...CLINK...

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