Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Without romance, life seems a little lackluster, so I found some in this editorial to share with you. Maybe it's the serene expression on Kristy Hume's face, the overexposed/faded/vintage look of the photos, the delicate chiffon blouses, the relaxed poolside setting, or more overtly the title of the editorial that's giving me a romantic vibe. I just feel like her lover is photographing her and writing her love letters. Who writes love letter anymore? It's a dying art form that needs to be revived.

You may remember Kristy Hume from, say, every magazine cover in the 90s. I love her because on one hand, she's a Birkenstock-wearing Woodstock hippy, but on the other hand, when asked by a Russian reporter what was the most exciting part of modeling, she answered: "Um, the money." (Did I just kill the romance?) This Lula editorial is shot by Skye Parrott and styled by Polina Aronova in pieces from Creatures of the Wind's Spring 2010 collection.

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  1. dying! what are you talking about?!

    we write each other love letters all the time.