Sunday, April 18, 2010

A food post?

Why not. Today is one of those days where I just sit in front of the tv and eat things. So here are some food pictures, but also some pictures of me and my man out and about, in the apartment, on the roof and engaged in various shenanigans.

At the oldest pub in Berlin - Napoleon was here. I believe that's a pork leg in your mouth.

The "Tu-Mac" i.e. the homemade Big Mac by Tu-Linh.

On the roof of our apartment.

Kisses and packaged pho (my mother would be so proud).

Nail polish and breakfast - a study in colour complement.

Birthday macarons / an unsettling amount of food at seder.

Date at Balthazar's Kitchen. Highlights: confit de canard and my last birthday dessert for the year. That's me re-creating the sparkler after it went out and we realized we forgot to take a picture.

After going out for breakfast today, I came home and made this / Bacon brittle (from my sis) was one of the best things I've ever ingested.

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