Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More shoes!

I'm still searching for the perfect (and affordable) shoe. I'm still debating between new boots or a pair of wedge sandals. Maybe wedge boots? Confusion.

In my mind, my dream boots are maybe black leather, maybe khaki canvas, more spring inspired, have an open toe, lace up (flashes of Alexander Wang's Freja and McQueen's Faithful), have a chunky heel to facilitate walking on Amsterdam's cobblestones, maybe some platform (flashes of those Burberry boots). Boots, where are you? Let me find you. As for wedges...alas, I'm warming up to even the giant wooden ones, but I haven't fallen in love with any I've seen yet.

I was on the Top Shop website, and I chose a selection of boots/wedges that are in the ilk of what I'm looking for but not quite on the nose of my dream shoe. Though, they DO ship to the Netherlands...

ARABELLA canvas lace-up boots $170

ARMOUR peep lace-up cuff boots $160

PINE buckle canvas boots $270

PACE buckle wedges $280

WAFFLE lace-up wood wedge $135

SHIRLEY cut-out wedge $160


  1. i think i found your perfect shoes in bangkok, but alas they did not have my size and i didn't know about this hunt. i've seen something similar again (i'm looking too) in this video....on the girl with the orange bangs in the bodysuit...you can't see the back of them but i'm convinced it's a wedge...

  2. The hunt continues...presently, I'm obsessed with the shoes in the bec & bridge look book (the post just before this one). Wow. I think I just need to make up my mind in terms of what I want!

  3. my first reaction to the first picture was --> revolting.
    and yet.. and yet...

    the last ones aren't too bad either

  4. Maddie, I know. It takes staring at shoes for long periods of time and knowing shoes and loving shoes...and then...things that aren't usually your taste start to make sense. Also, If I was WEARING any one of these, with a very well put together outfit, you would lovvvvve them.