Friday, April 16, 2010

La Garçonne

Browsing through La Garçonne's online shop and creating some looks. Can you tell this is one of my favourite activities (didn't you ever play dress up with paper dolls as a wee child? same appeal)? Looking at expensive and pretty pretty items might seem either masochistic or like an exercise in futility...but it inspires me, allows me to throw trends together and puts specific looks in my brain, making it easier to find more affordable substitutes. They are kind of just guidelines/examples of what we could look for. All this to say, I created a daytime and nighttime look for spring/summer. Which would you rather wear? My DAY or NIGHT look? Happy Friday! xox

DAY: Lately, I am really loving delicate white lacy/embroidered things for spring/summer. Delicate white lacy/embroidered thing + denim/chambray = perfect combo. I also like carrying around my entire life in big slouchy bags. Lastly, throw some colour into your sandals, even it's a subtle step up from brown like mustard.

See by Chloé chambray princess jacket

Opening Ceremony embroidered mesh flapper dress

Alexander Wang Donna Small Hobo in fatigued green lambskin

See by Chloé velour sandal

NIGHT: I always love the combination of long-sleeve and short-dress. There's a nice balance to it. As for the jacket, I'm definitely still on the the khaki green bandwagon, especially when paired with pink. I'm also still presently obsessed with the wedge and I know I posted Chloë Sevigny's suede buckle wedges a couple days ago, but these are completely different, ok?

Rag & Bone Ohara jacket

Preen Line Twist Band Dress in a viscose silk knit

Proenza Schouler PS1 Pochette

Surface to Air Suede Buckle Wedge Sandal

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