Friday, February 5, 2010

Tu-Linh's Personal Style Guide

Ok. A couple weeks ago, the boyfriend asked for fashion pointers and I ended up scrawling a shopping list and mini-guide in his day planner. He was basically starting with nothing and hoping to cultivate some kind of personal style, but he was having problems because of the ADD-boy/retail-madness incompatibility.

Which gave me the idea for this. Assume my closet was swept away by a series of intense twisters (insert unfortunate visuals of Helen Hunt/Bill Paxton here) and I had to re-build my wardrobe. This is how I would do it. This is just based on MY OWN personal taste, of course. This isn't a bible or anything. You don't have to follow it or reject other fashion tips with the uncritical zeal of religious fanaticism. There are a lot of legitimate fashion choices other people make that I will never get into. Like lots of bright colours, wedges (oh those Acne Atacomas on every fashion blog)...what else don't I like? Leggings as pants, those shiny faux-leather leggings, head-to-toe American Apparel...ok.

Moreover, now that I've been waiting around for my work papers long enough, it's safe to say that I am skint. Yeah. No bread. But that's ok. Because even with limited funds, you can look good. Of course I love the I'm going to put that in my Style Guide too.

So stay tuned for Chapter One: Basics In Monochrome.

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