Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1 Year Retrospective of Alexa Chung; the Alextravaganza

Yes I did just make up that word. I think the reason why Alexa Chung is a personal style icon for everyone, and why we all love looking at pictures of her, is because she seems genuinely comfortable and happy in what she's wearing. She's never overly ambitious and she's not just about making a Statement. She chooses simple pieces but puts them together in a way that makes her like no one else. She rocks the t-shirt, the un-coiffed hair and mini/baby-doll dresses in an inviting and unpretentious way - you kind of want to just hang out with her and love her forever. Alexa Chung is a person who inspires you to wear sandals/flats and not try too hard. Even when she's in Chanel in the front row of a runway show, she could just as easily be sitting on the grass with me at Coachella, taking in the music and sun...there are so many "I wish" statements in that last sentence and clearly I'm veering again. (This post is dedicated to my friend Zu!)

(all via Knight Cat except last picture, via A Fashion Tale)

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