Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tu-Linh's Personal Style Guide. Chapter Two: Adding Fun in Colour

It's about time I post my second chapter to my Style Guide and it's actually very fitting, though coincidental, that it comes right after my post on Alexa Chung. If my first chapter was about monochromatic basics, then this chapter is all about colour and prints. I'm now adding items to my basics that are more fun and casual, but paired with the right things (think black heels & blazers) can still be dressy. The whole point of all this (other than having fun), is that I'm building a wardrobe in strategic steps using some key versatile items. This way, I maximize how many outfits I can make.

1. Denim. To quote Alexa Chung in the March issue of British Vogue: "Denim, that most practical and versatile of materials, holds us all in its thrall and has done for decades...Jeans have always united a generation in a single cut." It's true, I mean think about hippy bell bottom jeans or 80s high-waisted Levi's or loose torn grunge jeans. Denim is classic, timeless and universal, but there are always distinct forms of denim that are popular at any given time. To me, denim has always been youthful and very rock n' roll, something I would be wearing while dancing at a music festival (will she mention Coachella again? yes). I'm choosing two denim items that I love right now. The shorts and the shirt.

These days, I love cut-off denim shorts with crazy rips or pockets sticking out. I also like the loose-fitting longer boyfriend shorts for days you don't want to look too sexy. I recently picked up a 10 EUR pair of jean shorts and took sandpaper, razor blades, studs and yeah, even cheese graters to them. The studded pair is one of many that Anniieemal (fellow fashion blogger) custom makes for her online shop. Wear jean shorts with black tights, heeled black boots and a blazer to dress them up.

A denim shirt is the perfect addition to a wardrobe because you can wear it with pretty much ANYTHING. I like them when they are slightly oversized (one of my favourite looks - the effortless "stolen from your boyfriend" look). Chambray is also a great fabric because it's thinner and achieves the aforementioned slouchy look. I'm really enjoying cropped denim shirts too.

2. Plaid. Speaking of rock n' roll...I always have a plaid cotton or flannel shirt lying around. They spruce up any basics and you can wear them casually, let's say with jean shorts. You can wear them and be the frontman of a punk band, with boots and a leather jacket. Or, you could be more dressy, your plaid shirt layered under a blazer or tucked into a skirt. I find vintage shops great for these - I got mine for 10 EUR.

3. Floral/Print Skirt. Though I often dress like a boy, I like being a girl too. And nothing is more girly than a floral print skirt. If you don't like flowers (what's wrong with you), choose whatever print you like and feel comfortable and amazing in.

4. Rocker t-shirts. Maybe now you're seeing my Alexa Chung post again and thinking "Oh yeah...This IS fitting." I don't like paying for rock n' roll t-shirts, because stealing them from my lover RIGHT after he buys them (usually 2nd hand and less than 10 EUR) gives me SO MUCH pleasure. But like I tell him, his ratty and slightly oversized (he's the perfect degree of bigger than me) tees "looks so much better on me."

5. Shoes that are NOT black. We're adding colour, remember? I'm posting nudes and pinks because this is what I'm obsessed with right now, but feel free to choose the colour you like.

6. Sexy lingerie. Last but not least, there's nothing like a little lace to make you feel sexy, whether it's hidden under your clothes waiting to surprise someone or whether it's flirtatiously peeking out of a low neckline.

Stay tuned for my personal Chapter 2 Review!

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