Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I♥FAKE and Polaroids

Well, since I'm on grunge and dip-dyed hair, here's a preview from I♥FAKE Magazine's Grunge Issue, taken from their blog.

I miss my polaroids. I found out that the website that supplies my film is out of stock for my 600 camera. If you don't know anything about the Impossible Project to bring back polaroids, you should definitely check it out. A presentation (already postponed) in New York is expected at the end of March, announcing the outcome of the Impossible Project mission.

I'm keeping my heart open and my fingers crossed. I'd like to think there are enough passionate people out there battling windmills and working to preserve art forms that are becoming obsolete and giving way to things like new iPhone aps. (ohhh jab at Apple, I think I just heard Steve Jobs emit a wounded "heyyy!")

If you know me, you know I cherish things like typewriters (though this blog is made possible by my pretty pretty MacBook Pro), vinyls and polaroids. I'm young at heart but old-fashioned. I like to party hard but I am a faithful monogamist. I am way off track now, aren't I? Enjoy the pictures. Happy hump day.

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