Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fendi Fall 2010 RTW

Ok. So this post took me ALL day because I am a huge geek and was determined to write an abcedarian poem about this collection with every line ending in Fendi (thank you David for making this bizarre and slightly masochistic format stick 3 years after our workshop).

Anja embarks us on fur frenzied Fendi.
Beeline in A-lines down catwalks for Fendi.
Caution, animal lovers, coats might offendi.
Devil wears Prada but Cruella wears Fendi.
È molto caro! Accettate carte di credito, Fendi?
Freja and Frida frocked in black Fendi.
Girls gait by in muted grey Fendi,
Hunter green Fendi,
In patchworked fur Fendi.
Jablonskis high heeled in ribbed rubber-toe Fendi.
Kershaw strides in skinny suede Fendi.
Lagerfeld's lynx, even PETA would defendi.
Mustard and olives as toppings on Fendi.
Navy belt on black, on Jac, for Fendi.
Organza and fur, a match made in Fendi.
Psalm 23: and I will dwell in the house of Fendi (forever).
"Queen takes bishop sleeved smock. Checkmate." says Fendi.
Rainbow of handbags, typically Fendi.
Shaved fur and shearling for shelter in Fendi.
Tailored vests trimmed with mink by Fendi.
Up-dos à la Elvis; the King for Fendi.
Volume raised to billowing Fendi.
White alligators on the farm that is Fendi.
X marks the spot but fur marks the Fendi.
Yes sir, that’s my Fendi:
Zealously pelted as long as Karl is for Fendi.


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