Monday, May 3, 2010

Maxed out

I wore a black maxi dress today, so I might as well do a maxi dress post. Of course, I'm happy to share my love of the maxi dress, but I'd also like to convince the boyfriend that not only "religious women" wear such hemlines (I think he just prefers me in short skirts, as most boys probably would, but here is today's lesson all wrapped up in parentheses: always dress for yourself first and foremost, otherwise it's just no fun!).

The maxi dress is nothing new and I'm not breaking ground here...but I just like them. Right now, I love them in simple and loose grey or black jersey, especially when layered with a sweater and leather jacket and worn with big chunky black boots. This makes for an effortless and chic daytime look.

Caroline Blomst of Caroline's Mode in an Alexander Wang maxi dress

Sasha Pivovarova (via Altamira)

Maria from Vanilla Scented in a Monki dress

For warmer weather, you can swap your boots for sandals. I am also currently obsessed with white maxi dresses. Paired with a jean jacket, it's a perfect summer look. Or, wear a t-shirt under it to make it less dressy. Note to self: find the perfect flowy white maxi dress and post about it.

Bassike cotton maxi tank dress (from net-a-porter)

Emma from Em's Edge

from the Zara May 2010 lookbook

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