Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Convoluted Trend Report

This is going to be interesting. Welcome to a brief tour of my brain. Behind you is the visual cortex, where there is just a bundle of information swimming around. Don't be confused by the plethora of images which include beads, pelts, leather and tassels, all against a soft white backdrop. You may run into a girl here, her long tresses tied into loose braids and adorned with feathers. Don't bother her, though, she's crocheting herself a sweater.

When I think of summer, this is what I see. Flower girl meets Last of the Mohicans. In a white dress. And this is my trend report. All runway looks are from Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

For me, Jordan Bettan's Lost Art accessories reinvigorate the craft of leatherwork in a way I have never seen. Is the belt, with all its pelt and bone, excessive for anyone other than Pocahontas? Maybe. But strap that over a white sundress and wear it with gladiator sandals and maybe your boyfriend's worn-in army shirt (think Alexa Chung at Coachella) and I will fall in love with you.

LF Stores feather & bead hair clip (via Bleach Black)

Feathers and braids at Stolen Girlfriends Club S/S10 (via

Obviously, I'm still ardently advocating white as choice for summer. I will keep telling you about it until I've exhausted myself. White lace, white crochet, off-white, embroidered white, long flowy white dresses, white ruffles, sheer white and white paired with leather and tassels and all aforementioned accessories.

Crochet tops in Russh (via Caroline's Mode) and by Eternal Sunshine Creations (via

Sabatini White S/S10 (via Knight Cat)

Ginger & Smart S/S10 (via

Flannel SS/10/11 (via Studded Hearts)

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