Saturday, May 22, 2010

Man Makeover

The boyfriend forced me to go shopping with him, after which I styled and photographed him. I'm not as comfortable with men's fashion. My take on men's fashion is generally pretty simple: jeans, a t-shirt and Chucks (the grungier and I-don't-care-how-I-look-or-dress-ier, the better) and you'll have me swooning as long as you're comfortable and confident and sincere. You could pretty much wear jeans and a t-shirt every day of your life, really.'s nice to have a little fun sometimes.

Outfit 1: I like khakis and think there is a way to wear them without looking like a total yuppy prep, even when worn with loafers. So I rolled the pants up and threw a plaid shirt on him. Plaid shirts are always in style and make me grunge nostalgic - when I see plaid, I see Kurt Cobain. 

Outfit 2: Again, how do you avoid looking like a preppy asshole when wearing chinos and a dress shirt? Throw on something a bit tattered, a bit loved and with a bit of edge. Like a favourite army jacket you picked up at a flea market.

Outfit 3: I had to, right? Jeans and white tee = my favourite man outfit especially when worn with rockin' boots and a James Dean-esque smoldering look + cigarette dangling out of the mouth. You can't see the belt, but it's a favourite of mine. He's had it forever, this ridiculously old and worn studded belt with half the studs missing. Also, the skull necklace is a Tu-Linh original. It had a white skull too (whittled from Moroccan stones or something), but...alas, boys break and lose things.

Outfit 4: You can't really appreciate what I like most about this look due to my shoddy photography and my editing that fades out detail (I like the polaroid aesthetic ok?). 1 - The fact that it's a grey suit over a black vest over a white t-shirt - I have no explanation for that, I just like it. 2 - The suit pants are tucked into the same boots as the last outfit. Even when you have to be business or formal, don't forget you're a rocker at heart.

Here's a close up on the belt and boots:

Final thoughts: Boys, you can care about how you dress or look but don't care too much. Don't question it too much or fuss over your clothes - just keep it simple and be confident in your own skin first and foremost. Cultivate a style and not an obsession - nothing is a worse turn off than excessive man vanity. (Um, manity?)

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