Monday, May 10, 2010

Blog Rob

For today, a little petty theft from the blog of the lovely Garance Doré, who I always seem to go to when wishing to be inspired.

Picture #1: A portrait of Garance by Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist). Did you know that the word dandelion is a "corruption of the French dent de lion," referring to its coarsely tooth leaves? And did you know that the French word for dandelion is pissenlit because of its diuretic effects? (Thank you, Wikipedia) I approach dandelions the same way I approach birthday candles - make a wish and blow away.

Picture #2: I love that through some pictures, a photographer's presence is so discernible. Here is a model shot smiling, barefoot, simply dressed, cross-legged on the floor. Through this, I feel Garance's ingenuous and whimsical personality. No?

Picture #3: That chainmail ring/bracelet is amazing. Actually, all the rings are amazing, especially worn all together. Jewelry by MANIAMANIA.

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