Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hmm, could it be?

I realize it's wishful thinking. Wishful thinking that I'm this beautiful wispy nymph-like creature in Garance's illustration, wishful thinking that she'd use ME as her subject...but wishful thinking is alright sometimes. Maybe it's me with a different hair cut. Or me if I were a cartoon character. A cartoon character when I was 14?

On the topic of illustration, I'm working on a few of my own right now. After my camera died, I thought it would be fun and challenging to illustrate some of my recent outfits and post my drawings. And then I realized not only do I not have a scanner, I don't have a camera (Hello, it broke! Remember, Tu-Linh? It happened at the beginning of this paragraph!) to take pictures of the illustrations and post those. So for now, I have to keep you in suspense while I continue to draw.

Illustration by the talented Garance DorĂ© (cropped by me)

Proof that I'm hard at work

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