Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jeepers Creepers

Since my last post, I went into full obsession mode with creepers, a shoe you would maybe associate with 50s greasers or punk subculture, but has obviously found its way into the fashion mainstream. But they're awesome. So now the question is...round toe or pointed toe? Suede or leather? Double sole? Or boots?

10 Reasons Why We Want Creepers:

1. This Jalouse editorial makes them look effin' cool:

2. The Sex Pistols wore them:

3. These silly asians are wearing them (apparently they're in some famous Thai band):

4. They come in red (though, it will likely be black for me):

5. They come in leopard print (hmm):

6. You could potentially say, hey, lay off my green suede shoes:

7. They look good with jeans:

8. They look good with dresses:

9. They look mad hot on these girls (jean shorts + tights + creepers = win):

10. The Bowie Boots are awesome:

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